What she thrives on, this is the stuff she lives for.

The English language is insufficient to describe what a powerful tool Debra’s services have been to the startup of my business, Unity Holistic Life Coaching & Counseling. Her talent is second to none as is her passion her dedication her commitment and her ability to work with new Start Ups. People have been telling me I should start my own business for over 10 years. What has been the biggest barrier for me and doing this is my ability to market myself and my business. Debra was referred to me by a friend, and once I met Debra things took off in less than two weeks. Her ability to motivate me, and to teach me how to tap into another side of who I am as a business owner, has been the primary source of power in my ability to start my business. I love what I do as a counselor, and a life coach, but I’m terrible at the administration, branding, marketing, reaching clients, and the entire social media phenomenon and presence. This is what she thrives on, this is the stuff she lives for. To watch her work is nothing short of watching the most beautiful and emotionally moving opera! Whether you’re a new start up or a well-established business, this woman’s talents and her amazingly affordable prices will be the best investment you ever made!

Samantha Matern, JD, MA | Unity Holistic Life Coaching & Counseling