I worked as Debra’s Marketing Assistant.  During my experience under Debra’s supervision, she introduced me to CRM, SEO, along with several additional marketing tactics she was responsible for introducing and aligning across three separate medical agencies on a regional level. I witnessed Debra’s multi-faceted operational expertise as she worked diligently to enhance employee morale. As a method to improve upon operational cohesion within three medical agencies, I was exposed to Debra’s thoroughness in introducing and implementing structure. Her enthusiasm, energy, and passion for work is nothing short of admirable. She consistently demonstrated a dedicated work ethic, and I admire her commitment to creating successful outcomes. Her strong entrepreneurial background shone throughout my time with her, and was one of many qualities that has undoubtedly attributed to her success.

Courtney Peter

I’ve done author events at stores all over the country, and I’ve never met a more effective business owner than Debra Lambers. She didn’t just manage a store, she literally created an entire marketplace from scratch, and the whole town has been benefiting ever since. She has such vision, such incredible energy, and she happens to be a great human being at the same time. I simply can’t say enough good things about her, and I would bet everything I own on her success at whatever she takes on next!

Steve Hamilton

Debra Lambers has designed and developed four very clean, easy to navigate and responsive websites for my company. Debra is professional, direct, prompt and surprisingly affordable. Furthermore, Debra has simplified and made my life easier by maintaining my social media profiles. She has become indispensable to my company and business partners. I highly recommend the […]

As Debra’s intern I learned a great deal about marketing, branding, and management. Her entrepreneurial experience, boundless energy, and creativity taught me how to create a brand from the ground up and take it to the next level. On a regional level Debra completely revamped the logo, website, and brochure for all three agencies in three weeks and created something beautiful. She introduced a CRM, structure, and is continually improving upon operational standards for the companies and created a marketing department from the ground up.

From Debra I learned invaluable skills, like negotiation, how to make work fun, and how to make a great smoothie! She has one of the strongest work ethics I have ever encountered and a commitment to excellence that I will try to emulate in all of my future endeavors.

Cassandra Krestakos, MHA

Debra is easy to work with as well as proficient. She understands both substantive issues and how best to communicate them. I’m very impressed by her work ethic and enthusiasm.

She excels in working with colleagues, sister organizations, and individual clients. In organizing events she is so good that all clients have to do is walk in the door and begin presentations. Assisting in communications, she helps clients translate and package messages to achieve maximum desirable results.

Dave Dempsey | International Joint Commission, Policy Maker, Author


Debra is such a dynamo – boundless energy, great business and marketing mind, creative, not to mention smart, beautiful and most important: fun!

Bryan Uecker | President BeneQuest, Speaker


Highly Creative

Debra Lambers is highly creative and enthusiastic, with an outstanding ability to think of innovative marketing ideas and the experience, connections, and energy to ensure success. Debra does not hesitate to meet challenges head-on, with a positive mindset and the flexibility to analyze all facets of a project. As a previous client, I appreciated her understanding of the museum’s marketing needs and her assistance, beyond advertising, to help us reach out to our audience. She is a mover and shaker and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Marguerite Curran | Director of Marketing, Muskegon Museum of Art

The English language is insufficient to describe what a powerful tool Debra’s services have been to the startup of my business, Unity Holistic Life Coaching & Counseling. Her talent is second to none as is her passion her dedication her commitment and her ability to work with new Start Ups. People have been telling me I should start my own business for over 10 years. What has been the biggest barrier for me and doing this is my ability to market myself and my business. Debra was referred to me by a friend, and once I met Debra things took off in less than two weeks. Her ability to motivate me, and to teach me how to tap into another side of who I am as a business owner, has been the primary source of power in my ability to start my business. I love what I do as a counselor, and a life coach, but I’m terrible at the administration, branding, marketing, reaching clients, and the entire social media phenomenon and presence. This is what she thrives on, this is the stuff she lives for. To watch her work is nothing short of watching the most beautiful and emotionally moving opera! Whether you’re a new start up or a well-established business, this woman’s talents and her amazingly affordable prices will be the best investment you ever made!

Samantha Matern, JD, MA | Unity Holistic Life Coaching & Counseling

I’ve worked with Debra for more than a decade as a graphic designer and also her production manager (when she owned her newspaper), so it was a no-brainer when I decided to launch my own business – and to consult with Debra. Debra has owned multiple companies of her own and has helped many more people launch their startup companies. Debra was/is instrumental regarding the necessities to launch: the legalities, the branding required, and also the website development. Debra is direct, to the point, and very passionate. Moreso, she is creative with years of experience. She wants her clients to be successful and prosper!

Lisa Tompkins | Business Owner, Graphic Designer